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    Eurofiber is at the heart of the digital society

    Eurofiber is at the heart of the digital society

Digital Society

It’s impossible to imagine our modern society without technology. Various digital transformations unfold at the same time at a breathtaking pace. Sustainably generated energy, for instance, demands an efficient distribution network.
  • Roads and vehicles connecting with each other
  • Farming needs technology to optimize the yield per hectare
  • Smart cities aim for a higher quality of life for the growing number of residents
  • The circular economy demands intelligent manufacturing processes
  • And health care requires IT solutions to help medical professionals work more efficiently

In short: the social challenges of today demand the digital solutions of tomorrow. We wish to create a smart and open access digital infrastructure that allows the digital society to prosper.

Eric Kuisch, COO Eurofiber:

‘I believe that the power of technology helps more than ever before to develop services, improve efficiency and scale our business. It is amazing what we can do with digital processes, software defined networking and artificial intelligence. We deploy technology to build compelling solutions for our customers on our dense fiber network. We’re proud to be at the heart of the digital society.’


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