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    Our smart and open digital infrastructure empowers the digital society

    Our smart and open digital infrastructure empowers the digital society

Concern for people and climate is anchored within our organization, processes and company culture.

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The role of technology

We live in an increasingly digitalized world. Information Technology is not only essential in every industry, it has permeated the rest of society as well. This goal is a Smart Society, in which people feel safe, are healthy and able to better manage the increasingly blurred lines between their private and professional lives. As data is an essential building block for this society, our digital infrastructure acts as an enabler for this new way of life.

Building a digital society

Many organizations use our fiberoptic connections to work more efficiently using smart IT solutions. But digitalization doesn’t stop there. Different industries have undergone radical changes in recent years. Just think of online healthcare or education solutions. Or imagine the process of entire cities being connected to a fiber optic infrastructure. In The Netherlands we currently connect an increasing number of electrical substations, bridges and locks, cameras and traffic monitoring systems to our fiberoptic infrastructure. This allows our customers to manage these assets digitally and remotely.

Supporting the evolution of our society

In our smart society we manage a huge number of tasks more efficiently and more responsibly. We work from home for a healthy balance between work and private life. We have easy access to government services. Our power supply is guaranteed. We spend less time in traffic and our carbon footprint is decreasing as a result. These are just some of many examples of the switch towards smarter living. Our industry leading digital infrastructure supports this transformation.