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    Eurofiber Group is a corporation consisting of five subsidiaries

    Eurofiber Group is a corporation consisting of five subsidiaries

Our companies

Eurofiber The Netherlands and BelgiumVerkeersmanagement

Eurofiber is a fast-growing provider of industry-leading digital infrastructure. It provides companies, government bodies and non-profit organizations a future-proof infrastructure. Eurofiber is a specialist supplier of industry-leading fiberoptic connections and Ethernet services. The company owns a meshed fiberoptic network that is continuously expanding. Eurofiber The Netherlands is located in Maarssen, near Utrecht. Eurofiber Belgium resides in Brussels.

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Dataplace manages four modern TIER III regional data centers in the Netherlands, with a fifth soon to be opened. Each houses large and small IT environments for a variety of customers. All data centers are interconnected, supporting options for a twin datacenter solution. Dataplace offers reliable solutions for colocation and housing. The datacenters meet the industry’s most stringent demands for safety, climate control and sustainable energy consumption. Read more about Dataplace here.




UNET, located in  Almere, near Amsterdam, delivers IT services over broadband connections. It enables its client organizations to reap the rewards of the ever-increasing opportunities offered by IT, now and in the future. Read more about UNET here.



DCspine is a fully automated, state-of-the-art, high-capacity data center interconnection platform. DCspine can be seen as the virtual ‘Meet Me Room’ for all connected data centers. DCspine makes it as easy to cross-connect between data centers as if all the resources were situated within a single datacenter. DCspine offers online products that can be ordered via the DCspine portal. The products are provided 24/7 via the portal through flexible contracts, making it possible to order, scale, change and terminate at any time. DCspine is located in Bunnik, near Utrecht. Read more about DCspine here.