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Dataplace acquires Datacenter Brabant

Acquisition offers Dataplace a fourth, carrier-neutral Tier III data centre


Alblasserdam, 5 March 2018: As per 23 February of this year, the number one carrier-neutral regional data centre exploitant in the Netherlands, Dataplace, has acquired Datacenter Brabant. The acquisition strengthens the market position of Dataplace as a regional data centre. This fourth data centre location fulfils the growing need for high-quality data centre capacity in the Netherlands.

Datacenter Brabant fulfils an important regional role concerning data centre services in Brabant and the south of the Netherlands. The combination of location, carrier-neutral policy, and the various ISO certificates that Datacenter Brabant currently holds, makes this data centre the ideal addition to the data centre portfolio of Dataplace. In addition to its many regional clients, the data centre is also home to various Cloud solutions belonging to SLTN Inter Access.

“Datacenter Brabant (DCB) was part of the strategic collaboration between SLTN Inter Access (SLTN) and ICTroom. The data center was designed and built in 2011 by ICTroom – which is currently also responsible for operational availability and has a track record of 100% uptime since opening. As such, DCB has proven itself as the region’s most reliable data centre and has developed into an important regional multi-tenant data centre,” according to Sander Nieuwmeijer, Founding Partner of ICTroom.

Gerben van der Veen, Managing Director of Dataplace: “Datacenter Brabant is a fantastic addition to our current portfolio. This expansion will allow our customers to safely house their ICT equipment, using a geographically-spread, integrated network of regional Tier III data centres. We shall soon initiate a number of additional certification processes in order to fully connect the data centre to the operational processes of Dataplace, further increase the capacity and availability of the data centre, and integrate our portal systems.”

“It made sense for SLTN and ICTroom to integrate DCB into the Dataplace organisation, so that DCB could continue to develop sufficiently. As part of the Eurofiber Group – which holds a strong position within the supply of regional data centre capacity in the Netherlands – Dataplace has been unrivalled in its opportunity to further shape the growth of DCB,” says Eugene Tuijnman, CEO of SLTN.

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