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Eurofiber acquires Levelfour fiberoptic activities


Eurofiber takes over the fiberoptic activities of Levelfour, a Dutch access, transport and service provider. The acquisition marks a new step for Eurofiber in strengthening its position for fiberoptic connections in Dutch business parks. Levelfour is selling off its network activities to fully focus on managed connectivity, VoIP and IP services.

Levelfour Networks B.V. was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing business parks in the Netherlands with affordable, future-proof broadband infrastructure. Growing through such acquisitions as Glasvezel Vught (2015), ParkNed Waalwijk (2017) and Altena Breedband Combinatie (2019), Levelfour developed into a company that provides digital infrastructure for 15 business parks at various locations in the region, including Waalwijk, Houten, Roermond, and Aalburg. With the sale of its network activities, parent company Levelfour will shift its focus fully to managed connectivity, VoIP and ISP services. ‘The connectivity market is consolidating,’ says CEO Peter Grotenhuis: ‘Specialized, capital-intensive market players with a long-term horizon are building and integrating fiberoptic networks, maximizing efficiency in making digital infrastructure available. Eurofiber is a prime example of this in the Netherlands. It has a very extensive open-access network offering extremely high quality, and is the best partner we could possibly want for our customers. We are delighted with this transaction.’

Eurofiber is a provider of industry-leading open digital infrastructure with nine datacenters and 37,200 km fiberoptic network in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Eurofiber recently strengthened its position for fiberoptic connections in Dutch business parks by acquiring Brightfiber. The acquisition of Levelfour Networks’ fiberoptic activities represents the next step in implementing its strategy in this market. ‘The business community is in the midst of a digital transformation,’ says Paul Naastepad, managing director of Eurofiber Netherlands. 'Critical business processes are increasingly dependent on the availability of secure, high-capacity digital connections, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. Quality requirements, which were mainly dictated by large companies and organizations until recently, are also becoming increasingly common in SMEs. This gives Eurofiber room to expand in these segments as well. The acquisition of the fiber optic networks of Levelfour Networks is fully aligned with this strategy.’


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