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Eurofiber CEO Alex Goldblum met European Commission Vice-President Dhr. Katainen to discuss free competition and Telecoms Regulatory framework.


As a member of the ECTA’s CEO Counsil, Eurofiber CEO Alex Goldblum met European Commission Vice-President Dhr Katainen on June 28th, to discuss the importance of free competition and the forthcoming Telecoms Regulatory framework review.

Established in 1998, the European Competitive Telecommunications Association is the leading pan-European telecoms association promoting and fostering a regulatory environment for the European Communications Sector, which ultimately supports free market competition and leads to political, social and economic benefits for all Europe’s businesses and consumers. Eurofiber is a member of ECTA since 2014. Gijs Phoelich (General Counsel Eurofiber) chairs the Board of Directors of the association since January 2016.Freedom is part of Eurofiber’s DNA. As a provider of industry leading digital infrastructure, it offers customers and partners an open network with infrastructure and IT services being offered separately, allowing everyone the freedom to choose their services and providers as their own needs evolve. This model enables customers to create exactly the right IT solution for their organization, free from externally imposed limitations.

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