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Eurofiber selects key contractors to further deploy its fiber network


Utrecht, 7 April 2015  – Eurofiber announces the conclusion of new two-year contracts with a select group of contractors for the installation of fiber-optic connections. The contractors, BAM, Schuuring, Koning & Hartman and Stam&Co, are responsible for deploying customer connections. The new contracts enable Eurofiber to realise value chain optimisation, with the aim of improving delivery reliability, guaranteeing quality assurance, optimising service levels and further boosting customer satisfaction.

Partnership based on commitment

The selection process to identify the most suitable contractors was both comprehensive and meticulous. It was based on finding the perfect match, with Eurofiber and the contractors sharing a common vision with regard to partnerships. The contractors were involved in the process from an early stage, and were asked to share ideas about how to enhance delivery reliability and quality assurance. This approach guarantees a strong level of commitment.

Working together to optimise delivery reliability and quality

“Our intention of focusing more on the strategic side of the partnership with the select group of contractors allows us to make optimal use of their expertise,” says Arian de Korte, Operations Director of Eurofiber. “Our clients will certainly benefit from this.”