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How we serve society during the crisis


Eurofiber is the manager of vital, digital infrastructure. Our fiberoptic cables and datacenters are literally the lifeline for thousands of companies and institutions, including governments, care institutions, emergency services and mobile telecom providers. We work hard to guarantee these services and thus make our contribution to limiting social and economic disruption in these difficult times. That is our duty.

Our employees

Our first concern is the health of all our employees. As a good employer and with the awareness that our employees make an essential contribution to enabling the digital society to function as optimally as possible. The same applies to the mechanics and technicians of our partners in the chain. Amongst other things, we have taken the following measures:

  • All employees work from home, unless their presence on location is strictly necessary for the continuity of our services. For this latter category departments have been divided into A and B teams, that work from home and on location every other week. People with an increased health risk work from home.
  • We no longer receive visitors and we do not make any visits other than necessary for the continuity of our services.
  • At our locations a social distancing of at least 1.5 meters is applied.
  • Mechanics, engineers and other personnel who come to customer or technical locations on behalf of Eurofiber where, in their opinion, rules with regard to social distancing or hygiene are insufficiently observed, will only go to work after additional measures have been taken in consultation with the location manager. This with taking into account the possibilities on site and the urgency of the work.

Society and economy

  • We realize that our customers and society depend more than ever on our services in these exceptional circumstances. As a partner of our customers and other relationships, and as part of Dutch, Belgian and French society, we help where possible.
  • We keep extra capacity available for urgent customer requests such as temporary or permanent upgrades. This applies in particular to our customers in vital sectors.
  • We also help authorities that need us with the highest priority.
  • We ensure that we pay our suppliers as quickly as possible.
  • We honor the payment of our sponsorship and other social agreements, even if our partners are unable to fulfil all or part of their part of the agreements.

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