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Mr.Brand designs new logo for Eurofiber


Maarssen, October 2, 2019 – Eurofiber has a new logo. The leading provider of fiberoptic infrastructure access has chosen a logo that does justice to the company’s history and ambitions. Advertising and design firm Mr.Brand signed on to provide the logo.

‘Eurofiber is a company that has been around for nearly twenty years, but it still has the distinctive style of a start-up: innovative, eager, focused on growth, relying on a solid technical foundation as well as a commercial approach,’ says Armand Rouw, director of Corporate Communications at Eurofiber. ‘At the same time, we are fully mature by now. The network is part of the vital infrastructure in the Netherlands and Belgium; thousands of companies and organizations in healthcare, education and government depend on our services for their crucial processes every single day.’John Robin Smith, managing director at Mr.Brand: ‘We wanted the new logo to reflect both those elements. Our aim was to design a logo that suits Eurofiber as it is today. He continues: ‘The elephant has been in the logo since the company was founded. It represents the history and power of Eurofiber, the reason for its existence. This element is characteristic, and it makes sense that Eurofiber definitely wanted it to be included in the new design. But we have given it a modern look and added dynamic flair.’Another improvement is making it easier to read. Smith: ‘We chose a clearer, more modern font. The previous logo was strongly linked to the fiberoptic network, which was logical at the time. Now that Eurofiber increasingly represents digital connectivity in a broader sense, that link no longer has to be incorporated as strongly in the logo, so we opted for an attractive word-based logo that is easy to read.’

About Mr.Brand
Mr.Brand™ is a premium economy advertising and design bureau. We deliver full-service premium brand quality for a competitive price, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. As a next-gen brand design firm, Mr.Brand structures its partnerships based on a winning formula: its own staff (from the internal studio) plus recurring suppliers and fresh blood. We bring experts to the table and work with the customer to select the right person for each project, without the overhead or creative conflict between company interests. It shouldn’t matter if the team members are freelance or employed at a design firm, as long as it’s really the perfect people for the job. We work with our customers to create a coherent total brand experience, from a brand promise that grabs your attention all the way to implementation in commercials, websites, ads, media strategy, planning and purchasing, packaging, annual reports, research reports, retail venues, office design, and job market communications.

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