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    News & Press releases

    News & Press releases

  • Edze Tollenaar appointed CFO Eurofiber Group

    Maarssen, 22 December 2016– Edze Tollenaar (51), who became Interim CFO on 1 July, is officially appointed CFO of the Eurofiber Group effective of January 1, 2017. Tollenaar is an experienced CFO with extensive experience in the ICT sector. After studying Economics at the University of Groningen, Tollenaar worked for Arthur Andersen for ten years and […]

  • Eurofiber’s Secure Cloud Connect service provides safe access to the cloud

    DIRECT CONNECTIONS WITH LEADING CLOUD-PROVIDERS VIA RELIABLE PRIVATE FIBER OPTIC LINK, SEPARATE FROM THE PUBLIC INTERNET Utrecht – Eurofiber today announces the launch of Secure Cloud Connect. This new service offers organisations a direct, redundant connection with leading cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and Office 365, and IBM SoftLayer over a fiber connection that is kept […]

  • Eurofiber Group acquires Dataplace

    EUROFIBER AND DATAPLACE JOIN FORCES AND DEVELOP A TWINNING SOLUTION WITH A STRONG POSITION IN THE RANDSTAD AREA Maarssen, 25 August 2016 – Eurofiber Group has reached agreement with the shareholders of Dataplace to acquire 100% of the Dataplace shares. The agreement came into effect on 22 August. This acquisition adds a second datacenter to Eurofiber, […]

  • CFO Eurofiber Group Jaap Truijens stepping back

    Edze Tollenaar assumes duties temporarily Maarssen, 29 June 2016 – Jaap Truijens steps back from his position as CFO of the Eurofiber Group from 1 July as a result of persistent back problems. Truijens underwent major back surgery last year and despite all efforts, recovery is taking more time than expected. This has made it necessary […]

  • Philipp Humm appointed Non-Executive Board Member and Chairman of Eurofiber Group

    PROVIDER OF HIGH-QUALITY DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE AUGMENTS BOARD WITH AUTHORITY FROM TELECOM SECTOR Maarssen, 24 May 2016 – Philipp Humm (56) has been appointed Non-Executive Board Member and Chairman of the Eurofiber Group from May 17. Philipp Humm, a German national, was previously CEO of Vodafone Europe until 2015, where he effectively managed Vodafone’s return to growth and […]

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    Antin Infrastructure Partners acquires Eurofiber

    Maarssen, 12 May 2015 – Infrastructure fund Antin Infrastructure Partners has reached an agreement with Doughty Hanson and Reggeborgh to acquire all shares in Eurofiber Group for a consideration of €875 million. Eurofiber will continue to act as an independent organisation, and business operations and strategy will be maintained under the current management. The new shareholder […]

  • Eurofiber selects key contractors to further deploy its fiber network

    CLOSE COOPERATION OPTIMALLY COMBINES KNOW-HOW AND EXPERTISE Utrecht, 7 April 2015  – Eurofiber announces the conclusion of new two-year contracts with a select group of contractors for the installation of fiber-optic connections. The contractors, BAM, Schuuring, Koning & Hartman and Stam&Co, are responsible for deploying customer connections. The new contracts enable Eurofiber to realise value […]