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Here you can find our full brand assets kit, including logos, boilerplate, images and video's. You can view and download the images and videos, or download everything at once.





Reliable connectivity is crucial. Because without that connectivity, society comes to a standstill. But, how do you keep society up and running?
Eurofiber Relevance Sheet 2020

Eurofiber has been a provider of industry-leading open digital infrastructure since 2000. Utilizing our own fiberoptic network and datacenters, we provide smart, open, future-proof cloud infrastructure and connectivity solutions to companies, government bodies and non-profit organizations. Customers have complete freedom to choose the services, applications and providers they need, allowing them to tap into the full potential of digital innovation. Eurofiber has a 38,000 km fiberoptic network in Belgium, The Netherlands and France and stretching into Germany. This network is expanded by 40 km per week on average. Eurofiber companies Dataplace, FullSave and Eura DC operate ten datacenters in the Netherlands and France. Supplementing that vital infrastructure, we also offer interconnectivity between nearly all carrier-neutral datacenters in Belgium and The Netherlands through the DCspine platform. Eurofiber is laying the foundation under the digital society, which is why the Dutch government has assigned Eurofiber the status of ‘vital infrastructure’. 

Eurofiber Group consists of: Eurofiber, DCspine and MatrixMind (The Netherlands and Belgium), Dataplace (The Netherlands), FullSave, Lumos, Eurafibre, ATE and Eura DC (France). 

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