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    Working at Eurofiber

    The people at Eurofiber lay the foundation of a Smart Society.

    Working at Eurofiber

    The people at Eurofiber lay the foundation of a Smart Society.

The people at Eurofiber lay the foundation of a Smart Society and understand that they are contributing to the future of society. Our rapid growth means we regularly have vacancies for people willing to inspire and be inspired at Eurofiber.

Continuous development

Our employees feel responsible for achieving the very best for our customers, our company, their environment and themselves – now and in the future. That is why they and we remain committed to continuous personal development. They understand the nature of their contribution to our success.

Building on each other’s strengthsInzetje-werken MG_7238

By actively cooperating, listening attentively to each other and being open to new ideas, our employees build on each other’s strengths. Inside as well as outside our organisation. Creating the right environment for achieving excellence.

At Eurofiber, we aim for diversity in our workforce. This is partly based on our conviction that a wide variety of backgrounds, insights and opinions will lead to better decisions and a thriving business operation. Eurofiber represents a safe and free environment which encourages people to be themselves, to say what is on their mind and to develop themselves, based on a strong sense of personal accountability.

We provide training budgets for the professional and personal development of our employees, for teams as well as for individual employees. In deciding on a suitable training course or education program, Eurofiber encourages employees to pursue their personal preferences. This is part of Eurofiber’s talent management framework. In addition, Eurofiber gives employees two days every year to actively contribute to a charity of their choice.

Personal responsibility

We offer our employees plenty of scope for utilising their innate and acquired capabilities. An environment where they can apply their creativity and self-starting skills to optimum effect. Guidelines, feedback and compliments allow them to explore the boundaries of their own responsibility.

Do you want to help build the Smart Society? Check below whether we have any current vacancies that match your personality, development needs, knowledge and work experience.